Amazon scam from Nigeria

Before I have listed the phone HTC 8525 for sale in, one day I got an email saying that I have sold the phone and I have to ship it to 16 Razaq Balogun Street, a place in Surulere, Nigeria. The email asked for international express mail so that they can get it by next Wednesday and it gives me about forty bucks of shipping credit for me to ship, it also claims that it has like thousands of deposits on for purchase protection (something which never has). At first I thought it was true and I took my phone to USPS to ship without checking amazon first, and the postage was only $34 and I thought I would make ten buck more out of the shipping credit this time.

Later on in the afternoon after I got home I went to to check the order’s status and I realized that the order was NOT FOUND! I then realized that it is a scam and went to USPS immediately to cancel the shipment at about one o’clock. Fortunately the phone was still there, but the guy who assisted me in the morning went out for lunch and I had to come back later at 2:30, meanwhile they will hold the shipment for me. Later on I came back and made lots of hassles to cancel the shipment and luckily get the postage fee refunded.

I almost lost a phone and $34 because of the scam from Nigeria. Fortunately I found it out on time and came to USPS on time to cancel the shipment. If I came to USPS later than 1:40, my phone would have been shipped and I don’t know what will happen and if I still were able to get the phone and my postage fee back.

From this I learned that whenever we received an email about an order online being sold, we must check the originating website to see if the order exists and matches whatever the email claimed rather than just impulsively shipping the order right away.

Image of the scam email:

nigeria scam

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  1. i have been the victim of this fraud in the same way!! I posted my ipod and then reialized it was a fraud. But it was too late and royal mail said they cant stop it. Just wished that i had read this before posting it :(
    Be aware people

  2. This almost happened to me,
    i was selling an iphone when ‘lily winter’ became interested in my product.
    I the revieved a convincing fake email fom telling me to ship the product immediatly. I would have fallen for it there but i then got a second email saying the same thing with the same adress in nigeria just different names, victoria celtings, that was when i knew it was a scam but i descided to play along and eventually sent them a large picture of me giving the finger

  3. Got similar situation. It sounded off. So, I’m not going to send my phone……
    Notice how Amazon is threatening me….That made me think again….and the fact that listing on amazon is still up.

    hip to: Mr Emmanuel Johnson
    Address Line 1: 25,Olanrewaju close, Tabon-Tabon, Agege.
    Address Line 2:
    Address Line 3: City: Agege
    State: Lagos
    Zip Code: 23401
    Country: Nigeria.

    Amazon Buyer\\\’s e-mail:[email protected]

    Amazon Seller\\\’s email:

    Note that is crediting you $50.47 in addition to your net sales price to help cover delivery costs. You are required to dispatch these items even if the postage credit does not fully cover your delivery costs.

    Important Notice: Only ship to the address given to you by Marketplace. Do not honor buyer\\\’s request to ship orders to any address other than the one provided by Marketplace. Payment for the sale may be withheld if these guidelines are not followed. Kindly go and make the shipment via USPS to the shipping address provided for you.

    Failure to dispatch on time may lead to negative seller feedback, revocation of postage credits, or even suspension of your seller account.

  4. I’ve just had a Nigerian try to scam me of my phone!
    It all seemed well with the communications, and I received to what looked like an email from amazon saying my phone had sold.

    So I started to read it and read the buyer address and knew straight away that it was a scam, because it was in Nigeria and Nigerians are famous for their scams.
    I then checked to see if my listing actually sold, but it wasn’t and still actually listed on amazon.

    So a warning to all sellers, do not fall these scams, always check the buyers address and to see if your listing has actually sold before shipping your product!

  5. I was a first time user and had a canon450d camera to sell.Followed all instructions from amazon,saying they had sold it for me and monies was in
    their account,and to send goods to address in nigeria.At this point Ihad no idea
    about scam,it cost £62 in postage and was promised £54 towards it.Ihave lost camera worth £350 plus £62 postage.I hope whoever has my camera rots in hell.The police have been informed.they dont hold out much hope for its return
    or me getting my money back.Please all 1st timers watch what you are doing you dont know who to trust.One very dissatisfied customer.

  6. These people are scum of the Earth. I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Tab listed on Amazon Marketplace and received an email request for some photo’s. I duly sent the photos and then receieved an email back saying that they had made the payment and could I send the item to their father in Nigeria. I also received email purporting to be from Amazon saying that my item had sold and that the postage credit had been increased to £43.99 to cover postage to Nigeria. It was all very creditable but alarm bells started ringing inside my head! I checked my Amazon seller account and the item was still there available for purchase. Please be wary of people. I’ve got a good mind to crap in a plastic bag, seal it and box it up and send it to the address supplied with a note inside saying eat my sh*t scumbags!

  7. yep, I am currently selling my cannon 40D and a scammer from nigeria wants to buy it. I got an email from “amazon” claiming the item was sold and that I must ship it via usps immediately. The email also claims that the buyer has a deposit of $4,000 with amazon and that transactions with this “amazon” buyer are covered 100% in case of fraud. This is of course a ghost email for Amazon never sent it. Thank god I found this website. By the way the name of the scammer that contacted me was kti114 BEWARE!! his address was [email protected]

  8. I hope that I read this 2 hours earlier. I have posted my Phone to a Nigerian buyer named Carol Perkins asking me to send the item as a present for her dad. I then received a “Sold, dispatch now” emails and got to know that I have credit of 43.99 from Amazon. I went on the post it, even though Nigeria sounds scandalous to me but I was relax when I see the email from Now the item is in the post office waiting to ship on Monday. I am so worried and I hate myself for not browsing more of these website as I am a first time seller.

    By the way the address is going to

    Axion Plaza 279 old Abeokuata Motor Road, Agege, Lagos 23401, Nigeria.

    Why Amazon wont deal with this as we are victims? I saw from somewhere saying a victms called up Amazon to report this and when they heard Nigerian scam they hung up the phone and not giving further support. What a shit!

  9. Although I am a proud Nigerian, I bear the consequence of the alleged actions of my compatriots. I wish to purchase some hair and skin care products online, and no one ships to Nigeria.

    I do feel the annoyance of some of the commenters. One should be more prudent when conducting any financial activities.

  10. i posted a canon dos 5d mk 2 and a 17-40 mm L lens off to the scum and paid £104 for the shipping. This law sucks, they wouldn’t even stop the shipping , knowing it was a scam and theft!

  11. This happenend to me last week. I listed my Ipod classic on the marketplace and the next day got an email from [email protected] asking for pictures which i agreed and then he said he had purchased it, followed by emails which i thought were genine. Royal mail wouldnt even stop the package even though it had a tracking number and i gave them a crime number from the police who may i add are bloody useless!! royal mail i crap aswell! Amazon are equally crap and i wont be using them for anything again!. I put my trust in them and they should make themselves more secure if they are able to be copied that easy!. I havnt been offered any compensation from them. I have been a loyal customer for 10 years! not anymore!! p.s Nigerians are scum!

  12. So glad I just read this, there’s someone trying to buy my iPod from amazon, WITH THE SAME ADRESS THAT TWO OF YOU HAVE POSTED!! I cannot believe I almost fell for this!

  13. Glad I found this in the nick of time same scam same email and I’m glad I dint send it! – so is does anybody know if it’s ONLY legit once the money is in your account?

  14. This scam just happened to me; I decided to do some research before I shipped it off. Thank you so much for posting this! Saved me my camera!

  15. I just had this happen to me as well 3 different people emailed me wanting to buy the iPad I have posted all wanting me to send it to Nigeria in almost fell for it the confirm, emails are so believable but checked my amazon account and it’s still for sale, do research before selling!

  16. I signed up for an Amazon seller account for the first time the other day to try and sell my Macbook Air and have had two scammers try to con me out of my laptop already, the second guy managed to forget to change the type of laptop from Acer something or other to MacBook so had clearly tried to scam someone else. The bit I really liked was the method of postage I was told to use and how urgent it was that I post my beloved laptop to some scammer scum of the earth!

  17. Oh man, do i feel like shit now. They got me too. Living abroad alone I’m 19 Years old and this got me so deep in dept. Poor iPod. If anyone gets any kind of refund please contact me at [email protected] .
    How can you not get racist after this kinda thing, man am I pissed off.

  18. I am glad that I looked at this. I almost fell for this crap, about to run to USPS but thought better of it and check internet and landed on this post! I indeed checked my Amazon order list and yes, this was surely a scam.

    I am trying to find a way to give it back to them so that they can not con some other people in future.

  19. LMAO some weirdo tried this one on me too but luckily I was a bit wary of the fact that I was sending to NIGERIA and was in two minds so I sent amazon an e-mail asking if they could refund the guys money n that I wasn’t sending nothing as its outside Europe, a day later amazon got back to me telling me there’s no such activity on my account so it was a good job I didn’t send and checked with amazon. Be aware people DON’T send stuff to strangers until you have the money in your account and be wary of the e-mails you receive Amazon usually has at the end of their e-mail addresses if they don’t they not from amazon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. i dont know if im having a similar situation!!
    i cant get onto my sellers account because its been inactive too long but i got an email from amazon saying they messaged me asking for pictures to send to an email and then i got an email which has appeared in my spam folder saying its been sold and to send it to an address in nigeria! it says they will pay 75 extra for delivery,
    i dont know if its a scam or not and if it is how do i cancel it when i cant get onto my account!!?

  21. Paypal sent me a notification letter to my paypal email that I have been billed,let me know if they also sent you.

    On Sun, Jul 1, 2012 11:51 AM PDT jackie greer wrote:

    >I have not received payment i will let you know as soon as it comes.
    >I can ship on monday pending i receieve the money and everything goes well with the shipping costs.
    >I have never shipped out of the country before, so i know little of what to expect.
    >I really hope everything goes well and they receieve this package.
    > Jacko
    > From: Richard Schweitzer
    >To: jackie greer
    >Sent: Sunday, July 1, 2012 8:43 AM
    >Subject: Re: Extras
    >I have transferred the money and i got a confirmation from PayPal and i have been billed,let me know if they also send you confirmation to your email so i’ll know all went
    >through,i want you to help me ship it to my colleague that was just
    >transferred recently out of the State via USPS Express Mail
    >International and not UPS to the address
    >Collins Olakunle
    >22,olubodun Street Ijeshatedo
    >Lagos 23401

  22. i ordered a tablet off amazon and it was shipped same day! it took almost 3 weeks then i tracked the package and it was sent to nigeria! contacted seller, sent fake amazon email. and not i’m about the try for a claim to get a refund.

  23. Guys dont send pictures to their email address, i get loads of send to [email protected]…..just say everythings described clearly and youll hear nothing back or amazon lets you attach pictures on their system use that.
    Also dont you print off packing slip cause amazons sold dispatch email NEVER show the buyers address only the amount.
    Also i think amazon only lets businesses account ship abroad not usual sellers plus amazon banned shipping to nigeria.

  24. I had same scam for £100 item and i have taken Amazon to court to fight them as they are not in control of their domain if e mails can come from there to outsiders and the issue for me is not the money but the principal of people who cant afford to be scammed. Lets see what happens in court.

  25. the exact same thing happened to me, fortunately I realized it before I sent the phone.
    I took the address they have me and sent it to the Nigerien federal police (email) I hope that fucker gets arrested

  26. Same exact thing happened to me, too! A “Cynthia West” sent me a message on Amazon with an attached Microsoft Word document with her Yahoo! email address. Here’s what it says:

    This is my e-mail address— [email protected]
    Quickly write to me in my given e-mail address about the real working condition of this item so that it comes to my inbox and not junk and i will be able to see it and decide in buying it from you today.I will only do transaction with you inside amazon as soon as you let me know it in there but if not i won’t be able to hear from you, so do so ASAP
    once more: [email protected]

    She then “bought it” on Amazon and I got the same exact emails from “Amazon” with an address in Nigeria. I told her to go fuck herself haha.

  27. The same thing happened to me, I sent my iPhone5 off to Nigeria cuz some guy made a fake amazon email saying he purchased my phone. It’s my fault and I feel stupid, he was using a google voice number (562-long beach area code)I hope nobody else falls for it and if anybody has an idea of how or who I could report him to, I would be very appreciative. Thanks

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