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China’s Network Damaged by Earthquake

Yesterday I started to have problem connecting to the Chinese websites. They all seemed to be down. I thought it was my connection’s problem, but it isn’t. It was because the earthquake in Taiwan that “damaged telecommunication cables linking the Chinese mainland, disconnecting users with overseas Websites.” Today the problem seems to get better as I can connect to many websites again, but still there’s problem with the network in China. Many websites are still not working and the connection is still very slow at times, and because of the damage, many users from China can’t open properly websites located in the U.S. or other countries.

Blogger blocked again in china?! (not anymore)

Today I asked some of my friends in China to open my Blogger’s blog, surprisingly nobody could open it while I could, then I though maybe Blogger is blocked again. After that I searched “blogspot blocked china” in google and found many recent blog posts that said they can’t open blogger’s blog recently and blogger is probably blocked in china again. Fortunately I moved my blog from blogger to WordPress a month earlier, so now this blog is still accessible worldwide.
update: it’s unblocked on 11/21/06 or earlier.