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GoDaddy Makes 302 Redirect for the First Time Even if it is set to 301

After I tried to use GoDaddy to forward my old domain to my new domain using 301 redirect and test if t works, I found out that if you connect to the old domain for the first time after a while, it returns 302 found first with the same url! When you try it for the second time, it returns 301 redirect correctly. After noticing that, I just switched back to using my own server for redirection.

Here are the sample outputs of another domain that I have set to use 301 redirect in GoDaddy:

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Today I googled “tipspedia.info” and found many copied pages from my post

Today I searched “tipspedia.info” in google and found some sites that contain an excerpt of my previous post that says “today I got the domain tipspedia.info……….” (which I deleted) along with other posts’ excerpts. Some of those websites were http://askthewebhost.net/blogs/ftp-hosting, http://www.propraetor.com/ftp_hosting/, http://paypal-coupon-code.zzdeals.com/, and http://trusted-info-net.com/blogs/yahoo-domain-hosting. On the right side of those websites come a list of other posts and mostly important, ads from adsense.
At first I was curious about why they do that until I see the ads over there, they do that because they want people to click their ads, those guys collect excerpts of posts by doing google blog search with some high paying keywords for the ads and put them together so that the search engine show their website more often, most of them shows a link for the original posts on every posts, but some won’t! Some of them even label the ads with misleading labels like “my websites”. That sucks, they’re like using our posts for their ad purposes.