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Yosemite SSD TRIM Support on 10.10.3+ Without Patching System Files

Mac OS X 10.10.4, which is released on June 30, 2015 and the upcoming 10.11 “El Capitan”‎ will allow the user to enable TRIM on third party SSDs. They include a command trimforce to make this happen. If you don’t want to upgrade and still want to stick with 10.10.3. There is still a way to do it. I found a guide that showed me how to enable TRIM to on 10.10.3 to support TRIM without disabling kext signing or patching the system file IOAHCIFamily.kext by just adding one Apple signed system file AppleDataSetManagement.kext from El Capitan.

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OS X File System Check and External Hard Drive

Sometimes after you connects a usb external hard drive to Mac, you notice that the hard drive keeps on spinning yet nothing shows up. It could be because of the hard drive was not ejected properly last time it was plugged in and the system is running fsck(File System Check) on the background. This can take a while especially when the hard drive has lots of data. Unfortunately, there is no indications of this happening except in Activity Monitor showing a running fsck process. This can make people believe that something broke. This has happened to me and my friends before and we all thought that we had broken hard drives. It wasn’t until I plugged my hard disk to a Windows computer and found out the disk was all right. I then started to troubleshoot the issue and found out a running fsck process in Activity Monitor when the disk is uncleanly ejected. After a while when that process finished running, the disk finally showed up in Finder.

Apple should improve the UX of this by making some sort of progress indicator for the File System Check running on the background so that people won’t get confused and thinks that they have a broken hard drive.