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Installing Language Pack in Vista for My neighbors

Today I helped my neighbors to upgrade his Windows Vista that comes from the pc from premium to ultimate so that I can install the chinese language pack for them. I actually helped them to buy the upgrade from premium to ultimate online for about $172. After buying it I got the license file with the product key on it and started the update. The upgrade took about one hour and went fine. After the upgrade I was happy and trying to install the language pack from Windows Update, but the language pack failed to install when it’s half way through with code 2 error! I restarted the computer, tried it again, but it’s still the same! Still can’t fix it even after clicking the get help next to the code 2 error and search online for solutions of the problem! I actually found many people with the same problem and no solution! Some people said that the only way to get through it is make a clean install of Windows rather than using the one that comes with the PC. Later I called microsoft support for help and that guy simply sucks, can’t do anything about it either. Afterward I didn’t have any other way to fix this and I decided to resize the Windows partition and make a new partition to install Windows on it. The first time I installed Windows Vista ultimate with the Upgrade Anytime CD without the cd key I bought because it didn’t work. After installing it didn’t work either because the cd key can’t be used for activation. After that I tried to instal premium first with the computer’s product key and then upgrade to Ultimate, but without activating the premium first and couldn’t use the cd key either. Of course it failed again. Finally I gave it one more chance by clean installing premium first and then activate it. After activating the premium I can finally use the upgrade cd key to upgrade to ultimate and install the language pack! Phew… almost wasted the money that I use to upgrade. I think the language pack doesn’t work with the preinstalled Windows in many computer and I had to make a clean install instead to get it work.

China’s Network Damaged by Earthquake

Yesterday I started to have problem connecting to the Chinese websites. They all seemed to be down. I thought it was my connection’s problem, but it isn’t. It was because the earthquake in Taiwan that “damaged telecommunication cables linking the Chinese mainland, disconnecting users with overseas Websites.” Today the problem seems to get better as I can connect to many websites again, but still there’s problem with the network in China. Many websites are still not working and the connection is still very slow at times, and because of the damage, many users from China can’t open properly websites located in the U.S. or other countries.

Blogger blocked again in china?! (not anymore)

Today I asked some of my friends in China to open my Blogger’s blog, surprisingly nobody could open it while I could, then I though maybe Blogger is blocked again. After that I searched “blogspot blocked china” in google and found many recent blog posts that said they can’t open blogger’s blog recently and blogger is probably blocked in china again. Fortunately I moved my blog from blogger to WordPress a month earlier, so now this blog is still accessible worldwide.
update: it’s unblocked on 11/21/06 or earlier.

Make Ubuntu Dapper to display Chinese well in two minutes

With Ubuntu Dapper you can make Linux to display Chinese fonts (or maybe for other languages as well) much much easier than before. After you read this you’ll find out to make Linux to display Chinese well can be as simple as this.

  1. Get the font Simsun.ttc from Windows or some other high quality Chinese fonts and put them in the folder /usr/share/fonts/truetype.
  2. Update the font cache by runing “sudo fc-cache -fv”.
  3. Last and not least run the command “sudo fontconfig-voodoo -f -s zh_CN” and you are done! restart X and check it out.

Here are some screenshots for the effects:

You can even see bold, italic, bold+italic fonts:

Firefox browsing Yahoo China: