Another scam?!

After getting the email scam from Amazon a couple weeks ago, today I got a scam mail sent from Canada by a company called “Inter-state marketing ltd” trying to jack my money! It comes with a $3995.00 check for me to deposit. I was surprised about it since it doesn’t look like those from the credit card company which don’t really pay. Then I opened the letter to check it out. It has a U.S. address in the header and it is from a company called “Inter-State Marketing Ltd.,” which I have never heard of. It also says that I have applied their “Customer Service Evaluator” position, which I have never been aware of either. It basically tells me to deposit $3415.00 to Western Union plus the service charge $170.00 WITHIN 48 hours, and it “pays” the rest $410.00 to me. It sounds too good to be true. After I do that I have to call a number with area code 905 (which is a Canadian number) and give them the MTCN number. WTH? That’s obvious telling me to give the money to them, because I have sent money to others this way before! What if the check is a bad check and it bounces back after they jacked the money? The letter also tell me to fill out the customer evaluation form and the schedule request sheet (which was missing in the mail) and fax it back to their office. I didn’t try it because it is too likely to be scam and I don’t want to risk it.
The mail is obvious from Canada because it has Canadian address and postage plus a Canadian phone number to reach back. Also on the check it has both English and French on the back, which tells me that the check must be from Canada, while it has U.S. bank addresses in the front!
Does anybody have similar experience of getting such scam mail?

images of the mail:

check checkback coverbetter
page1 page2

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  1. I got the same exact thing in the mail yesterday. Only they seem to have gotten a bit smarter. The back of my check has only English, no French. Other than that it is exactly the photos you posted. A scam for sure.

  2. We received the same thing today in the mail. I remember signing up for some secret shopper stuff but this is just weird. The company named on the check is a metal company listed with the same address on the check (found it in BBB) but has no affiliation with the name of the company on the letter. Sorry, not risking it on this end!

  3. I received the same exact letter in the mail yesterday asking me to do the same thing as mentiond my gubon the check has
    US address with bank listed Finacnial Plus Credit Union on back of check it is all english no french also on back of check states DocuGard.
    The amount of check is exactly the same as posted by formetoknowandyoutofindout with the letter, customer statisfaction evaluator tool, along with the check. This has to be a scam there must be a way to stop this from happening again.
    not risking on this end either

  4. I receive different emails from my gmail accounts and I know that they are all scams… It’s so annoying having those scam emails…

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