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Blogger Finally Responded My Request to Restore My Old Blog

Today blogger’s support finally restored my old blog angelchen1111.blogspot.com to me. It took me five days to actually get a response! I had to say something like “I emailed blogger support like thousands of time and there’s still no response” in order to get them reply to me. It also said that it doesn’t guarantee that they will restore the deleted blogs to us. So never ever delete your blogger’s blogs because there are always spammers watching for them!

Forgot to Take Back the Blog I Deleted Yesterday

I forgot to take back the blog angelchen1111.blogspot.com that I deleted it yesterday. Now somebody took it over and is spamming with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I see the “check computer now” spam when i go to technorati, and when I type in angelchen1111.blogspot.com it will redirect to a “check computer now” spam page! I reported that to google and hopefully they will take care of it. Google should do something to stop it! People are spamming by taking advantage of deleted blogs.

Blogger blocked again in china?! (not anymore)

Today I asked some of my friends in China to open my Blogger’s blog, surprisingly nobody could open it while I could, then I though maybe Blogger is blocked again. After that I searched “blogspot blocked china” in google and found many recent blog posts that said they can’t open blogger’s blog recently and blogger is probably blocked in china again. Fortunately I moved my blog from blogger to WordPress a month earlier, so now this blog is still accessible worldwide.
update: it’s unblocked on 11/21/06 or earlier.