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How to add social bookmarking in wordpress

In the entry Let Your Blog Be Social nongeek talked about the advantage of social bookmarking and how to add bookmark area in blogger’s template. You can also do that in wordpress too, using the same way he said in that post, but substitute Blogger’s template tags with wordpress’s tags. For example, if you want a “Submit to del.icio.us” line you should add

Submit to: del.icio.us

instead of

Submit to: >del.icio.us

to your template’s php file before or after the line depending on if you want it to appear before or after the posts.

If you want to submit to Digg there’s a great WordPress plugin called Digg This for WordPress Reloaded that lets you to add a very cool “Digg This button” like the one I have in the posts, without changing the template’s codes. It also comes with a Complete admin interface with options for many customizations, like positioning the button, what pages to show the button, the style of the button , and many others.

My blog’s traffic increased dramatically after submitting posts to Digg

My blog’s traffic increased dramatically after submitting posts to Digg.com, before I only get 10 to 20 visitors per day, but after I added some of my posts to Digg.com my traffic went up to about hundred something visitors per day. I really liked it so much… if you’re looking for some way to increase your blog’s traffic and your blog is not just a personal blog, you can submit the posts that falls into Digg’s six categories Technology, Science, World & Business, Videos, Entertainment, and Gaming to increase tons of traffic to your blog.