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Today I got paid by Adbrite

Today finally I got the check with four bucks from Adbrite, one of the pay-per-click program. Although it said it pays based on net-60 basis, it took me about four months to get this first check. On the other hand despite it takes so long for the first check, there’s no minimum threshold for the payments, you can set the minimum check amount as low as you want. Because of this Adbrite is great for alternate ads, since it pays out no matter how little you earned. Many people including myself uses adsense+adbrite for alternate ads in case of adsense can’t find any ads.

Today I googled “tipspedia.info” and found many copied pages from my post

Today I searched “tipspedia.info” in google and found some sites that contain an excerpt of my previous post that says “today I got the domain tipspedia.info……….” (which I deleted) along with other posts’ excerpts. Some of those websites were http://askthewebhost.net/blogs/ftp-hosting, http://www.propraetor.com/ftp_hosting/, http://paypal-coupon-code.zzdeals.com/, and http://trusted-info-net.com/blogs/yahoo-domain-hosting. On the right side of those websites come a list of other posts and mostly important, ads from adsense.
At first I was curious about why they do that until I see the ads over there, they do that because they want people to click their ads, those guys collect excerpts of posts by doing google blog search with some high paying keywords for the ads and put them together so that the search engine show their website more often, most of them shows a link for the original posts on every posts, but some won’t! Some of them even label the ads with misleading labels like “my websites”. That sucks, they’re like using our posts for their ad purposes.