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Running Android Apps in Chrome on Any OS with ARC Welder

I found a youtube tutorial for running Android apps in Chrome in Windows with ARC Welder. It will also work for Chrome for Mac and Linux.

You need the APK of the app that you would like to launch in order for it to work because right now android apps available on the Chrome Web Store from the browser are only searchable and installed on a ChromeBook.

Simple APK files will work, but those built with NDK for other architectures like ARM will not. Those that uses Google Play Services will likely not work either. I tried an app that uses Google Play Services. It asks me to install Google Play Services but when I click on “Get Google Play Services” nothing happens.

So far I have tested Evernote, Twitter and Pandora and they work pretty smooth. Pandora actually plays music really well without any issues.

Here is the link to download ARC Welder: https://developer.chrome.com/apps/getstarted_arc

Use Google Hangout to Make and Receive Phone Calls on iOS and Android

Right now you can use Google Hangout to make free outgoing phone calls to U.S. and Canada and also receive incoming calls if you have Google Voice number. It is very useful to make and receive phone calls over wifi when you don’t have signals or you only have a mobile device without phone call capabilities, or you just wanted to save on minutes. I have tested it on my iPhone’s Google Hangout and Android Tablet and it works.

More details about receiving phone calls are here for iOS and here for Android.