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Bye, DigitalOcean. Hello, Vultr

I started to use DigitalOcean cloud web hosting two months ago after I signed up for $10 credits. I was happy with it for a while. However, when I tried to find out how to request additional public IPs for SSL purpose for my other websites on the same instance, I realized that there is no way to do it. Many other web hosting companies allow you to add extra IP addresses to an instance as long as you pay for them or have a valid reason for doing that such as extra ones for SSL. I was assuming that DigitalOcean is the same but it is not. Upon knowing that, I started to look for alternatives that allow extra IPs, and I found Vultr. It not only allows extra IPs per instance, but also offers specs more suitable for me than DigitalOcean for the same $5 per month.

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Bing Site Move Tool and WordPress Bad Behavior Plugin

When I tried to use Bing’s Site Move Tool to notify Bing about my blog moving to a new domain, I kept on getting mysterious “The sample URLs we tried do not appear to redirect correctly. Please make sure that they redirect permanently to the new destination using 301 redirects” error. My 301 redirect was set up correctly and it worked with Google Webmaster Tools’ change of address. I emailed Bing’s support team with screenshots and they forwarded my request to their Product Group but no response since then. One day I started to monitor my server’s access log and I noticed those lines on my access log when I try to set up the site move:

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GoDaddy Makes 302 Redirect for the First Time Even if it is set to 301

After I tried to use GoDaddy to forward my old domain to my new domain using 301 redirect and test if t works, I found out that if you connect to the old domain for the first time after a while, it returns 302 found first with the same url! When you try it for the second time, it returns 301 redirect correctly. After noticing that, I just switched back to using my own server for redirection.

Here are the sample outputs of another domain that I have set to use 301 redirect in GoDaddy:

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Dreamhost Down Really Hard

Yesterday when I was trying to make some post on my blog, the whole dreamhost was down really hard, including the main sites and the dreamhost status site as well, that sucks! I then tried to post some comments on the status site, for some reason it look like hacked and I got stuck on the leave reply page showing that I’m logged in as micah, which I have no idea who is. I just went to sleep and hopefully I didn’t have to “dream” about the host outage.

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Amazon scam from Nigeria

Before I have listed the phone HTC 8525 for sale in, one day I got an email saying that I have sold the phone and I have to ship it to 16 Razaq Balogun Street, a place in Surulere, Nigeria. The email asked for international express mail so that they can get it by next Wednesday and it gives me about forty bucks of shipping credit for me to ship, it also claims that it has like thousands of deposits on for purchase protection (something which never has). At first I thought it was true and I took my phone to USPS to ship without checking amazon first, and the postage was only $34 and I thought I would make ten buck more out of the shipping credit this time.

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Finally Google Webmaster Tool Picked up My Sitemaps

I had problem uploading my sitemap to Google’s Webmaster Tools since October 22. Google used to pick up my sitemap in about 30 minutes, but this time it showed last download is October 21 and it had been pending for more than a day until it finally downloaded it. In the mean time I also submitted a sitemap for my new website, but I really caught the bad time and it took me three days before Google download the sitemap for the first time, ahhhh. I googled around and checked the Google Groups about this issue and I found out that many people had the same problem and it was something to do with Google. Hopefully they will fix this soon.