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Blogger’s bug of switching back to publishing on blogspot.com after publishing on ftp

Today in the morning Blogger was down, but I thought blogspot.com was also down(in reality it didn’t). Because of this an idea of publishing on ftp came up to my mind. So I changed the setting to publish over ftp and published the blog to my own computer. Surprisingly when I switch I didn’t get any warning about I might lose my hosting in the current Blog*Spot Address when I changed the setting.
After a while I realized that blogspot.com is not down and doing OK I regretted that decision and tried to switch back to Blog*Spot Address. Here comes the problem, now I can’t get my angelchen1111.blogspot.com back when I switch back, it said it’s already in use although it isn’t. I checked it and still see my blog there, nobody took it over. After that I tried to make a new blog with angelchen1111 and even tried a new account with angelchen111.blogspot.com, all those doesn’t take it back. I read the help file and now understood that my host is supposed to be released after switching to ftp and I can take it back if nobody took it over. But the host didn’t seem to be released and nobody could take it. I got tired of this and slept thinking about I might need to get a new name.blogspot.com and update all links :(.
After I wake up the solution comes, I tried to publish on Blog*Spot Address with name other than angelchen1111 and hit publish, after publishing I changed the Blog*Spot Address back to angelchen1111 and published again, Bingo! Now it worked and I finally took angelchen1111.blogspot.com back. Warning, this might not work for everybody, please don’t try it with your Blog*Spot Address that you really want to keep or you might lose it, I made a new account to do the same thing again and it FAILED, it couldn’t take back the Blog*Spot Address. Try this only if you want your Blog*Spot Address back after switching to ftp or sftp.

Here I warn you people again not to switching back and forth the method of publishing, because sometimes some strange bugs might come out and screw up your post. Think over before you switch to ftp or sftp, you might not be able to get your Blog*Spot Address back after you switch.