www.internetexplorersucks.com points to Firefox’s website

Today I’m curious of what www.internetexplorersucks.com look like, I typed it and it redirected to http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/. It’s like the website http://www.ie7.com/ where it tells the user to get Firefox, although they’re not affiliated with Firefox, they’re just created by fans who want people to use Firefox instead of IE.

2 thoughts on “www.internetexplorersucks.com points to Firefox’s website”

  1. Help me please…
    I just installed Firefox 2.0, and all of a sudden, my username/password isn't being inserted in the signon window (it always was before). I tried the usual suspects–I did not mistakenly tell FF not to remember the password for this site; and I also tried the remember password bookmarklet, but all to no avail–FF will not ask me to remember this password. What do I need to do to get around this?

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