Today I switched my blog to Blogger Beta

Today I finally switched my blog to beta after the link to switch is available. After switching since I kept the old template unchanged, because of this the only change I could see is an improved Navbar, nothing else seemed to change. I have other beta blog with the new template that looks very cool, I wanted to upgrade this blog’s template to a new one too, so that I can organize my posts by putting labels for each posts and separate them into different categories. But my old template had too many customizations that won’t work well in new templates, especially putting the ads right after the posts, if I put the ad codes right after the post body the scripts between will be gone. I have to hang on until beta improves more before using new template.
I liked the new Navbar very much, now on its right side you can see your email, make new post and customize your blog. The Navbar’s codes are also friendlier for the search engines and other content targeting programs like adsense since it’s loaded inside the iframe, and it doesn’t have any hidden texts like “Notify Blogger about objectionable content. What does this mean? Blogger · Send As SMS” that confuses the search engine. Next time when I google my blog the result’s description will show the contents of my blog instead of those hidden texts.
trivia: There’s a little extra “g” in my blog that I just upgraded in the “manage your blogs” section.

2 thoughts on “Today I switched my blog to Blogger Beta”

  1. I too switched to Beta Blogger and like it except:

    If I use the spellcheck it changes the layout of my post so some lines end short and might only have one or two words in them.

    I sometimes have troubles with links not showing up properly. (ie: target=”_blank” might show up in the posting as part of the link)

    Cannot yet use the cusomize page because, as you said, all the ‘improvements’ disappear. –

    The inability to post comments on some of the ‘old style’ blogs that do not allow anonymous comments was a headache. I’ve notified my friends of this problem and most changed their settings so I can now log in as other…

    Other than that I’m glad I made the switch but I’m also looking forward to the fixes…

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