Today I googled “” and found many copied pages from my post

Today I searched “” in google and found some sites that contain an excerpt of my previous post that says “today I got the domain……….” (which I deleted) along with other posts’ excerpts. Some of those websites were,,, and On the right side of those websites come a list of other posts and mostly important, ads from adsense.
At first I was curious about why they do that until I see the ads over there, they do that because they want people to click their ads, those guys collect excerpts of posts by doing google blog search with some high paying keywords for the ads and put them together so that the search engine show their website more often, most of them shows a link for the original posts on every posts, but some won’t! Some of them even label the ads with misleading labels like “my websites”. That sucks, they’re like using our posts for their ad purposes.

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  1. You should get a plugin like Digital Fingerprint, which helps you track RSS stealers like these guys, and Anti-Leech. I have had several guys do what you’re describing to my blog content. For example, on a piece I did about coral reef protection, the first few lines of my RSS feed ended up on the bogus site, which takes credit for the story and has no link to my original, and any links it pretends to have to “read more” actually takes you to product sites. The whole thing looks designed to push unrelated products and Google Adsense ads. Another two pieces I did on solar and wind energy ended up on and, both bogus. They are, however, a little more clever — they include a link to my original story just below the opening lines, but if you don’t look for it and are careless, the link you click thinking you’ll read the rest of the story will actually take you to a site to sell products.

    It sucks. When you find guys like these, report them to Google, because what they’re doing technically violates the rules they agreed to when they signed up for Adsense, especially the ones that don’t credit the original blog. Hit ’em where it hurts — their earnings.

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