Southern California Free ISP

SoCal Free Net is a very good free dialup ISP , it’s free for anyone living in Southern California. Unlike NetZero or Juno, it doesn’t have time limit or requires you to install any kind to software in order to use it. It’s very useful for Backup Internet Connection when your dsl connection fails.
The drawback of this freebie is that the ISP blocks almost all ports except for those you use to view web pages, as what it said from its website Q&A: “This service is designed for web browsing only. You will not be able to set up a server on your own machine, nor will you be able to connect with telnet, ftp, ssh, SMTP, etc.” It basically only opens port 80, 8080, 443 for https and maybe others for you to visit websites, but it doesn’t monitor the traffics on the ports, despite what the website says, you’re still able to connect to ftp, telnet or other services that uses the http ports instead of their standard ports, also you can use Instant Messengers such as AIM, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN Messenger over there since they only need the http ports. Overall it’s a very good ISP that gives you a worthwhile free dial up service.

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  1. thanks for will be a good service for any one living in Southern California..As its free so it wont have all functions of the paid ones.

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