Explorerdestroyer.com provides html code to encourage user to switch to firefox if IE is detected

Explorerdestroyer.com provides HTML code to detect if a user is using Internet Explorer, if he does, then a message that says ” We see you’re using Internet Explorer. Try Firefox, you’ll like it better. ” will pop out, it also tells us about the advantage of switching to firefox and the user to click the button on the right to download Firefox with Google Toolbar, which is your own adsense button. As always if a user liked it, downloaded firefox by clicking the button and installed it you’ll get $1.00 commision. I’ve seen couple of website loaded with it.

There’s three levels of setting available: Gentle(Level 1), Semi-serious(Level 2), and Dead-serious(Level 3). Level one just display a message and the download button on the top of page if a user is using IE; level two displays a splash screen with a message, a download link, and a link that you must click to skip the message and continue to the website; level 3 won’t even let you go in the site unless you use firefox, but because of this you have to use a non-adsense button for the download link, adsense’s policy doesn’t allow people to force others to click the ads.

For more information and demos please see http://explorerdestroyer.com/.

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