Adbrite should not include Alexa ranking in their listing

Adbrite should not include Alexa ranking in their listing, since Alexa rankings are very inaccurate and very easy to be manipulated. I learned from various web sites that its rankings are for the uninformative only, if you google search “alexa ranking” you’ll find about the truth of Alexa ranking through various websites. Comparing Alexa ranking of the websites in the listing could be misleading and could misinform people about the website’s real traffic. I once tried autosurf and other Alexa boosting method and my website’s ranking rose from none to around 6,000,000 within less than one week, and Adbrite gave it about one and half star for the Alexa ranking in related to other listed sites, without that much real traffic. Also some websites are in the subdomain of others, this would cause the ranking of the domain on top of it shown instead of the subdomain’s. Alexa ranking can not be trusted, I don’t know why Adbrite included it to compare with other websites.

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  1. Interesting what you write about Alexa rankings. Mind you, I think a lot of statistics churned out, in various places, aren’t always very accurate. But I guess there has to be some sort of attempts to rank or class websites and blogs.

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