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Bad Luck with’s MySQL Server

Today when I went to check this blog at about 3:30pm PST I figured out that it took very long for it to respond and it can’t connect to the database. I then checked other websites but also the same. Later on I figured out that’s because steadfast’s mysql2 database server was down as their hard drive screwed up :(. I checked their website and they said they replaced the hard drive, but they needed filesystem check as well. I waited and waited for a few hours but at 7:55PM CT they said the filesystem check process restarted and I have to wait again. I kept on checking their update about the problem and at 9:45pm they said the filesystem check is completed and some data are corrupted, but they have the backup from the morning. I then checked my website and it worked for a like a minute or so but down again. Later on I checked their update again and realized that the good news is gone; instead they replaced it with a bad news in 10:00pm saying that the RAID card screwed up and they’ll look at it. An hour and a half later the bad news came, that the whole RAID array is gone and they had to replace the whole thing! After another hour wait they said they are installing the system back to the new drives and finally at 1:13 AM they are up again, and they restored the backup that was taken at 1:30AM CT on October 21, ahhhh. Fortunately nothing was changed on my websites at that time of period.
I have never had any issue with this hosting company before. My websites were almost never down until yesterday, but this time it is been down for too long. It was down for more than six hours. On all other hosting companies that I have before they have downtime as well, but only for a very short time rather than this lengthy delay. However, this issue is not common and I hope that this won’t happen again.

Hostgator unlimited space and bandwidth for cheap price

Hostgator right now is giving you unlimited space and bandwidth for all shared hosting packages. Also, for the Baby and Business plan they allow unlimited domains. It’s a very good deal for just $4.95, $7.95, and $12.95 a month for the Hatchling, Baby, and Business plans if paid 3 years at once. If you don’t want to pay for 3 years at once you can pay it for 2 years, 1 year, or even monthly, which is $8.95, $9.95, and $14.95 a month, still not that much higher than 3 years at once for the Baby and Business plans.

Blogger Finally Responded My Request to Restore My Old Blog

Today blogger’s support finally restored my old blog to me. It took me five days to actually get a response! I had to say something like “I emailed blogger support like thousands of time and there’s still no response” in order to get them reply to me. It also said that it doesn’t guarantee that they will restore the deleted blogs to us. So never ever delete your blogger’s blogs because there are always spammers watching for them!

China’s Network Damaged by Earthquake

Yesterday I started to have problem connecting to the Chinese websites. They all seemed to be down. I thought it was my connection’s problem, but it isn’t. It was because the earthquake in Taiwan that “damaged telecommunication cables linking the Chinese mainland, disconnecting users with overseas Websites.” Today the problem seems to get better as I can connect to many websites again, but still there’s problem with the network in China. Many websites are still not working and the connection is still very slow at times, and because of the damage, many users from China can’t open properly websites located in the U.S. or other countries.

Forgot to Take Back the Blog I Deleted Yesterday

I forgot to take back the blog that I deleted it yesterday. Now somebody took it over and is spamming with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I see the “check computer now” spam when i go to technorati, and when I type in it will redirect to a “check computer now” spam page! I reported that to google and hopefully they will take care of it. Google should do something to stop it! People are spamming by taking advantage of deleted blogs.

Shopping Cashback on Buying Things Online

Do you want to get additional cashback besides the discount that they offer online? On the website InstantProfitz you “can get automatic rebates for shopping at your favorite merchants – and all sorts of new ones too! This ‘cash back’ is in addition to and separate from any discounts you may get at hundreds of online merchants!” All you need to do is to make qualified purchase at their listed merchants through their links, and you will get the percent cash back listed on their website for that merchant after 30 days.

There are many famous online stores including Radio Shack, Circuit City, Best Buy, and even on their list; through the links on that site you can save some additional $$$ besides their original discounts.

For more information click here, also don’t forget to check out the FAQ, it contains some important information on how it works.